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Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery
Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery
MONROE, LA 71201

The Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery offers the only Total Lifestyle Care surgery program for obese patients in northeastern Louisiana.
Gastric Bypass, Gastric Banding, and Gastric Sleeve, the three forms of bariatric surgery offered by LCWLS, have helped many morbidly obese individuals build a foundation for a new life. Surgery, although an important step, is only a tool for weight loss. Surgery provides the optimum results when it’s part of a comprehensive program involving a team of professionals – the surgeon, nutritionists and lifestyle counselors.

That’s what the LCWLS offers to qualified obese patients in our region. LCWLS is a partnership of well-established local health-care providers who will stay with you through surgery, recovery and the important post-operative phase while you are adapting to the changes in your body and learning to apply healthy habits in your daily life.

Walter Sartor, MD, FACS, ASBS and board-certified bariatric surgeon, P&S Surgical Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center formed the LCWLS after becoming aware of obese patients in this region who would benefit from a safe comprehensive program right here at home, eliminating the need for travel and making important follow-up care more convenient for patients and their families.

The LCWLS is committed to providing a safe environment for its patients with meticulous performance of the appropriate surgical procedures and the follow-up care and professional support needed to achieve optimum benefits. No surgery is risk-free. Post-operative care includes detecting and treating any possible complications. You will lose weight over the 12 to 36 months after surgery. To make the most of and maintain the benefits from surgery, you will need to learn and apply new, healthier eating patterns and incorporate exercise into your daily life. The LCWLS’s Total Lifestyle Care offers nutritional and lifestyle counseling as well as support groups of other bariatric patients to help you with these life-changing transitions.

As you consider whether bariatric surgery is for you, become an informed patient. The LCWSL staff wants you to carefully consider the risks and benefits of the surgery, to understand the procedures and know what to expect before and after surgery. Our Web site is intended to answer some of the frequently asked questions about bariatric surgery and the LCWLS.
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Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery
MONROE, LA 71201
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