Texas Through Time

Texas Through Time

Museum director Andre Lujan officially opened Texas Through Time on June 22, 2018, in the Fred O. Grimes building of downtown Hillsboro, Texas. This building was once the home to Grimes Garage, a full-service gas station and auto shop that earned the title of "the most FAMOUS garage in the World" thanks to Fred Grimes creative advertising methods and high standards for customer service.

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In Texas through Time, twelve eminent scholars contribute evaluations of the historical literature in their respective fields of expertise-from Texas-Mexican culture and African-American roles to agrarianism, progressivism, and the New Deal; from perspectives on women to the urban experience of the Sunbelt boom and near-bust.

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JAYHAWKS THROUGH TIME 2017: Week 10 - Texas (Bill Walsh College Football) In 1991 Walter L. Buenger and the late Robert A. Calvert compiled a pioneering work in Texas historiography: Texas Through Time, a seminal survey and critique of the field of Texas history from its inception through the end of the 1980s. Now, Buenger and Arnoldo De Len have assembled an important new collection that assesses the current state of Texas historiography, buil

Texas Through Time | Enchanted Rock – Enchanted Rock is the heart of Texas. The sheer granite dome, with its views in all directions and vernal pools hosting a variety of plant and animal life, is a source of natural and spiritual grandeur to thousands of visitors each year.

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Texas Through Time has no paid staff, no paid board members and operates 100% on volunteers and donations. Through this whole experience I have seen the absolute best in people and the true joy and reward of building something that is in the public trust and will hopefully continue to have a positive impact on the community, state and science.

Over the past 10,000 years most of the state of Texas has generally become progressively warmer and drier with, of course, various fluctuations through time.

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